• Make the switch to a bamboo toothbrush. Because there is no Planet B.

There's lots of reasons to switch to Ripple. These are four of the best.

Eco friendly

Worldwide delivery

Money back guarantee

10% profits to ocean clean up and education

Two ocean-saving options to choose from. Both good, but one slightly better ('s Bondi!)

Plenty of 5-star customer reviews

"A great tooth brush and so cute!"

Hayley S.

"Love using my ripple toothbrush !"

Katie M.

"Great quality!! Love them all😍😍😍"

Jacey C.

"Best brushes to save the environment, cool colours too!"

Ebony Brown

"A simple everyday chore made better for the environment!"

Lilly B.

"Fantastic product - and saving the environment too!"

Luke L.

At Ripple we believe small changes can make a big difference - like a Ripple effect.

Every year millions of plastic toothbrushes get discarded. Most will end up in landfills or polluting our precious beaches and oceans.

And it's not just us that suffers, it's our wildlife too. Millions of birds and sea mammals are dying each year from the impact of plastic in our oceans.

So make the change to a bamboo brush and do your bit to protect this precious wildlife.


Recommended by dentists (legit didn't even have to pay them!)

We get it. Your oral health is important. It's important to us too which is why we enlisted the help of Dr Alice Hoang to give us to lowdown on all the benefits of switching to a bamboo brush today.


Hey influencers, we need some help influencing

Look, at the end of the day we need as much help as we can to help spread the word that living a more sustainable life is actually easy. All these peeps can't be wrong, surely! It starts with the simple act of swapping out your toothbrush and who knows, in 6 months time you'll probably have your own worm farm.


We commit funds to help with ocean clean up's and sustainability education